We are two busy mums with 4 children under the age of 7. Both of us moved from Germany to London a few years ago and met during our busy school runs.


By the time our children started going to nursery we were looking for a Friendship Book in the United Kingdom in order to give our children the opportunity to preserve their memories.


Friendship books are hugely popular in Germany and go back a very long time. Strictly speaking they originated from an Autograph Book, which we used to have when we were little, and with time it changed into a Friendship Book.


To our surprise there wasn’t anything like it on the English market and this is where the journey of Fay’s and Finlay’s Fabulous Friendship book began.


We brainstormed, researched and finally had the courage and support from our families to go ahead and self publish our version of a modern, timeless Friendship Book.


Our children love them. They are busy passing their books around their friends in and outside of school to create a lovely written keepsake, which they will treasure for a very long time.

We hope you will appreciate the beauty of this book as much as we are.


Heike & Kristina